Technology for easy reporting and client management.

A big challenge for training providers is to deliver a personal service to numerous learners and clients. This can be very time consuming and striking the right balance between a high quality service and expanding provision can be difficult.

Excel and Access are common approaches for many to manage and track delivery however, product limitations and time of development soon becomes a barrier to growth and expansion. Not to mention the hours spent trying to produce reports.

Workpepper is a flexible solution that allows training providers to grow their business without the compromise of increased staff hours to manage and report. Allowing you more time to focus on delivering a better service to your clients and learners.

Key benefits that Workpepper offers training providers:

  • Ability to track clients from referral to employment
  • Cater for increased enrolments and expanding provision
  • Provide real-time delivery reporting
  • Store client data in a secure ISO 27001 environment
  • Easily manage multiple clients, contracts and funding streams
  • Reduce delivery costs

What do our customers think?

IconSee how one client grew their skills and employability provision from 300 to 2,000 without any additional support staff.

  • Expanded and diversified provision to adult community learning, ESOL and traineeships.
  • Increased enrolments and profitability
  • Improved performance, customer experience and learner support

Case Study - Gloucestershire College: Using Flexible Technology To Track The Learner Journey.pdf

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We have helped internal and external trianing providers to deliver more effectively and efficiently by providing them a stable platform that allows a business to flourish. We help all types of providers with customisable management systems that are scalable from 50 to 20,000+ learners.

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Improve learner tracking, course management 
and gain a greater understanding of
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Track every interaction with a learner, 
centralise your data in a secure compliant 
environment and have real time reporting 
on the success of your delivery.

Training Providers

Training Providers

Win business and deliver a better service 
with real time reporting by the hour,
scalable from 50 Learners to 20,000.

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