Streamline the delivery of skills and employability training.

Centralise the bookings, administration and management processes into one easy to use system. Workpepper comes in 3 editions to offer a scalable and cost effective solution for different sized organisations. Choose from mild, medium and hot Workpepper to fit your organisations requirements

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Features & Benefits



Web Based Registrationhotmediummild

Workpepper's web based registration allows you to book learners onto courses at the first induction and give learners confirmed dates and action plans from day 1. Booking learners on courses at the induction reduces time spent following up and chasing to confirm.

It is much more satisfying for us and for the learners to be able to book a course there and then and give them their IAP. Learners have the dates; they know the room and exactly what they are booked on. It is a much better way for them to start, rather that building an action plan only to send them away to wait for us to be in touch.” - Employability Skills Tutor

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Automated Induction Bookings Systemhotmediummild

Streamline the entire booking process using automated bookings. New learners are immediately booked into the next available induction slot. This function allows training providers to quickly process referrals and communicate this with the referral agent (e.g. Jobcentre Plus).

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Cost Effective Registrationhotmediummild

Workpepper offers a cost effective registration compared to using a full MIS or paper based system. Ideal for full cost recovery students - the system allows providers to minimise time spent inducting and processing learners.

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Customisable Careers Portalhotmedium

Set learners on the right path to employment from day 1. Our e-learning portal can be customised to your organisation and learners requirements. Give new learners with immediate access to careers advice as well as self-assessment and job search tools.

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Outcome Responsive Curriculumhotmediummild

Evaluate course provision and highlight your local 'demand'. Managers have a clear view of course success and growing requirements with readily available data on:

  • Learner paths
  • Popular courses
  • Skills requirements
  • Job outcomes

Use management tools to build a learner/outcome responsive curriculum; making swift changes to adapt courses based on attendance levels and live booking data.

“The system gives me the ability to make swift changes to meet the needs and demands of the local labour market. I can plan using the events management tool and quickly turn planning into reality" – FE College Manager

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Sub-Contractor Managementhot

Monitor the progress of learners when they are not studying with you directly. Provide sub-contractors and outside stakeholders with limited access to update learner records and action plans in your system. This will ensure that records are kept up to date and offer you a clear view of the success each sub-contractor.

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Time Trackinghotmediummild

Time tracking capabilities allow further education and skills training providers to manage tutors as well as external providers. Knowing how you are using your tutors can reduce overtime and make KPI reporting easy.

"Using the event function to plan I can check important information like staff hours to ensure that I am working within their allocation, which reduces overtime and eradicates under-hours staff." – FE College Manager

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A scalable solution for 40 to 4,000+ learners, Workpepper’sflexible price plan is suitable for both niche and large training providers. The system can easily be adapted to cater for increasing learners, growing with your business. Workpepper offers providers the ability to expand and deliver other similar projects without additional IT requirements.

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Automated Contract Reportinghotmedium

Simplify reporting requirements with automated reports tailored to funding bodies (e.g. the Skills Funding Agency). Workpepper allows colleges and providers to create an audit trail, provide information on referrals and RPOS.

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Simplify Funding Claimshotmediummild

Workpepper's predefined reports provide you with all the necessary data to claim funding. With automated contract reporting it is easy to get the evidence you need when you need it. (Be prepared, on short notice, for Ofsted Inspection!)

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Ensure Contract Compliancehotmediummild

Ensure all staff follow funding guidelines so that you have all the information you need to complete funding claims. Workpepper ensures contract provision compliance by executing against your predefined workflow.

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Highlight Areas for Course Improvementhotmediummild

Workpepper lets you record information on:

  • Room utilisation
  • Attendance
  • Pass rates
  • Outcomes
  • The referrals pipeline

With a clear view of course provision managers can easily identify the success of courses and adapt delivery accordingly. Detailed learner records let managers identify training demands and review the quality of courses (e.g. successful tutors, courses overcoming barriers to work and securing job outcomes)

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Real-time Learner Statshotmediummild

With real time booking information and detailed learner records, managers and tutors can quickly identify and react to under-booked courses.

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GLH Forecastinghotmediummild

Monitor guided learning hours (GLH) with easy to digest reports on both actual and forecasted learning hours. 

We are able to identify learners with less than 9 GLH. This enables us to have a discussion with these individuals to see if there is appropriate training to offer them. This also ensures we may be able to claim appropriate funding” - Job Skills Tutor

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Manage Attendancehotmediummild

Use real time registers to manage and record attendance across all your courses. This feature helps you to identify non-attenders earlier so that steps can be taken to get learners back on track.

This information can be used to update referral agents such as the JobCentre Plus (JCP) and to alert them to learners whose non-attendance may affect their benefits.

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Room Utilisation & Allocationhotmedium

Workpepper allows permitted staff to manage and monitor room utilisation. With this improved communication between departments, all relevant parties are easily made aware of any room changes. Automated reminders can also be set up to notify learners by SMS of any alterations to their course or room changes.

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Improve JCP Engagementhotmediummild

Build a stronger relationship with referral agents, such as the Jobcentre Plus, by providing them with clarity on their referrals. Detailed learner data allows providers to update referral agents with reports on performance and progress (e.g. learning aims met) as well as alerting them to non-attenders.

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KPI Reportinghotmedium

Workpepper can be used for KPI reporting; allowing you to measure performance with readily availably data on:

  • Room utilisation
  • Attendance
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Tutor success rates

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Destination & Outcome Trackinghotmedium

With our new destination tracking feature Workpepper allows providers to report and monitor job outcomes. With this unique function you can track clients from referral to employment by ensuring staff follow up with course completers and track learners employment status.

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Unlimited Records Storagehot

Unlimited learner records storage and an archive of courses means you will only ever need to register a learner or input a course once. Eliminate duplication and ensure that you do not have to repeat the whole induction process for returning learners.

With a complete record of all your past students colleges and training providers can offer follow-on courses to old learners based on their previous courses, learning aims or current job.

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Individual Action Plan (IAP)hotmediummild

Use Workpepper to generate action plans tailored to learning aims. The system allows both hard and soft target setting, giving administrators the capability to easily match and book courses aligned to skills or learning aims. This action plan can be used to track learner progress as they complete their targets along the learning journey.

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Optimised Workflow for Skills & Learning Providershotmedium

The Workpepper system is designed specifically for skills and employability training providers; as such the workflow is optimised for this kind of delivery. The system aligns with the methods of processing referrals: streamlined bookings, automated booking systems and drag & drop action plans.

"Setting up registers, room allocation and monitoring attendance was a huge administrative burden. We were starting to sink under the weight of additional students coming in and the complexity of the registers. Workpepper has reduced the burden of administration hugely.” – MIS Director

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Automated Paperworkhotmediummild

Looking for a way to reduce paperwork? With all your records stored securely online you can say goodbye to paper based registrations and searching through forms stored all over the place. All the information you need is centralised and easily accessible from anywhere by permitted members of staff.

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Track Interventionshotmediummild

Record the learner journey in detail. The system lets you document all actions and interactions with learners including face-to-face conversations, course attendance and tutorials. With the added ability to create notes on records tutors can set tasks for learners (knowing that at the next tutorial someone will check that it has been completed).

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Global Learning Aim Definitionhotmediummild

Ensure that records and courses are consistent with globally defined learning aims. Workpepper gives managers the ability to set learning aims that can then be used throughout the system.

Drag & Drop Action Plans Aligned to Llearning Aimshotmediummild

Once you have set your learning aims it is easy for administrators and tutors to quickly drag and drop targets into new ILRs and IAPs. These can be used to find courses linked to agreed learning aims.

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Provide a Personal Servicehotmediummild

With easily available learner details colleges and providers are able to provide a more personal and better quality service. To  answer learners’ questions staff can simply search to see their IAP and tasks that they have been set.

Workpepper helps you to identify learners who need additional support, highlight learning barriers and ensure that no one is 'lost in the system'.

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Quickly Answer Learner Enquirieshotmediummild

With Workpepper it is easy to look-up anything from course availability to learner records. This allows training providers to provide a personal service reduce time spent responding to learners questions. Quickly answer queries from not only learners but all stakeholders including tutors, senior managers and referral agents.

"It has definitely made us more efficient as it is easier to find where someone should be and answer questions when you have all the information at your fingertips. It allows me to give the Director a clearer view of what is going on” - Administrator to Director, FE College

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Improves Attendancehotmediummild

With the ability to manage attendance it is easy to identify non-attenders and offer support to get them back on track. Scheduling automated tasks such as SMS messages can be used to send reminders or notify learners of room or course changes.

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Increase Comunication Between Departments & Stakeholdershotmediummild

When all staff having access to the same up to date information collaboration and communication between all departments is greatly improved. Workpepper provides real-time automatically updated registers that are instantly available from any account (provided they have user permissions) ensuring that all everyone can have access to current information on learners and course allocations.

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Data Compliancehotmediummild

Ensure that your organisation complies with data protection standards. Workpepper backs-up and stores your data in an ISO27001 datacentre, providing you with secure access to records.

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Externally Hostedhotmediummild

The Workpepper solution is quick to deploy with no need for IT department intervention. An externally hosted system means that you do not have to worry about software updates and backups.

"We found when we were hosting IT ourselves we were always relatively late in terms of upgrades and that became a potential security issue. If you are externally hosted it just takes the concerns away; you know that it is going to be upgraded as regularly as feasible and it is just one less headache” – MIS Director

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Works From Anywherehotmediummild

Workpepper is a cloud based learner management system. This means providers can coordinate work through one system that can be securely accessed from any Internet connection. All staff can access up to date learner/course information from any room or campus and can even manage learners or adjust courses on the move.

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Integrate With MIS Systemhotmedium

Great for colleges, the Workpepper system is designed to integrate with MIS systems. Separate skills and employability learners from other full learners can keep your MIS data 'clean'.

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Export Data to 3rd Party Systemshotmedium

Easily export your data for other uses with secure o-data and web service interface.

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All Information in One Placehotmediummild

Workpepper gives providers and colleges the ability to set user permissions and offer granulated access and security tailored to different staff roles. With this function records are secured with only allowed groups given access to see or modify data.
Third parties or sub-contractors can also be offered limited access to the system to ensure that they keep your learner records up to date.

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