How do I ensure my externally funded contracts deliver maximum returns for my organisation?

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Programme leader

How can I manage both my team and multiple contracts, whilst still improving services and achieving more outcomes?

Welfare to work solutions


How do I keep track of all the actions and paperwork for so many individual clients? 

The workpepper platform

Learner Management Software

Improving delivery, reporting and compliance. Cost effective learner management systems that reduce delivery overheads

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CRM, MIS and eLearning all in one centralised platform.

Technology to help you optimise the delivery of learning and career transition services.

Whether you are a small specialist provider with a handful of job seekers or a large College with thousands of referrals; Workpepper software solutions can help you to improve delivery, reduce costs and achieve more successful outcomes.

Skills have become the global currency of the 21st century"- (OECD 2012)

Workpepper allows you to spend more time delivering courses and equipping learners with the skills to succeed and less time filling out paperwork.

What we do

Further Education

Improve learner tracking, course management 
and gain a greater understanding of
your referrals and outcomes.


Welfare to Work

Track every interaction with a learner, 
centralise your data in a secure compliant 
environment and have real time reporting 
on the success of your delivery.


Training Providers

Win business and deliver a better service 
with real time reporting by the hour,
scalable from 50 Learners to 20,000.


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