Labour Market Intelligence For A Responsive Curriculum

Today I am attending a NIACE and UKCES seminar on Planning Locally Using Labour Market Intelligence To Meet Skills Needs. 

There is a clear consensus that skills are the key to economic growth, but how do we ensure that we are delivering the right skills?


The challenge for further education and skills providers has been in designing a more responsive curriculum to meet local labour market needs.  As I have commented on in other blogs (An Agile And Responsive Curriculum For Colleges and The Missing Link Between Education & Employment) a demand responsive curriculum is dependent on:

  • Knowledge of local labour market needs
  • Anticipation of the future local skills agenda
  • Understanding of barriers to join-up and delivery
  • Flexibility in curriculum design and delivery

This seminar hopes to provide clarity on ways to accomplish this as well as providing an opportunity to share perspectives and challenges with others working in the sector.

With presentations and panel discussions featuring Tom Stannard (Director of Communications and Public Affairs) and Simon Beer, (Programme Manger) from NIACE, and Carol Stanfield, (Assistant Director) and Marc Bayliss (Senior Research Manager) at UKCES, as well as NICK Porter of LGA this promises to be an insightful day.

Find out more: Planning Locally Using Labour Market Statistics

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