The Missing Link Between Education & Employment


As we prepare for the coming academic year the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) have commented on where the funding landscape is heading.

There has been, and will continue to be a lot of talk about the importance of education leading to employment outcomes.

“The Surest evidence that a college or a provider is delivering an excellent services lies principally in how many of its students get good qualifications or better jobs, and how well prepared their eventual employers find them.”

– Matthew Hancock, Minister for Skills

Colleges and training providers will become more of a community hub, with education tailored to respond to local area needs. This will be enhanced by Government plans to encourage employers to play a larger role in shaping qualifications, working with providers to meet local labour market needs. 

education & employment

Education and training will be rewarded and funded on the basis of skills gained and distance travelled. To help focus funding where the impact is greatest, the government is working towards capturing robust and reliable data on the learner journey.

The key to success will be in gaining a greater understanding of learners; what are their individual barriers to work, which courses or course combinations that successfully tackle these barriers and secure job outcomes? When you can see the full picture from big data to micro data, then the true value of courses can be seen and proven.

the missing link

This academic year will also see the introduction of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans and the new streamlined Adult Skills Budget. These plans will attempt to unite the skills and employability sector; making funding simpler, setting a national standard and offering increased flexibility to address individual learner requirements.

Macleod Associates Unity (now Workpepper - Sept 2013) platform has been used by colleges and training providers to gain greater insight into their learners and learner journey. Contact today to find out how to manage delivery, monitor job outcomes and adapt to your courses local areas needs.

Read the full Skills Funding Statement here

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