An Agile and Responsive Curriculum For Colleges

supporting agile deliveryLast year the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) asked the learning and skills sector to open up a strategic dialogue to discuss their key issues.

In response the 157 Group have examined the challenges colleges faced in aligning their curriculum to business objectives, wholesale curriculum redesign and responding to employer, learner and labour market demands.

Individual projects carried out by Derby College, Hull College, Liverpool Community College, New College Nottingham, Sunderland College and the Sussex Downs College and York College have found several success factors in implementing swift curriculum change.

  • A learner responsive curriculum: change driven by leaner needs
  • Employer engagement: change driven by employer needs
  • Strong communication: between staff, departments and referral agents.
  • Internal structure: establish an effective, streamlined and agile system within the college

How to support a flexible delivery

" The current inflexibility suffered by many colleges dues to their inability to move quickly in response to identified needs from the communities. Colleges need to review their structures (including staff contracts and processes for planning staff utilisation) critically, and develop mechanisms that enable them to identify and respond to needs in a timely way with high-quality provision." - 157 Group

Macleod Associates Unity system (now Workpepper - Sept 2013) has already been used by colleges to tackle many of the common issues raised above; streamlining the referrals process, improving communication across departments as well as with the JCP and allowing colleges more agililty to swiftly adapt their delivery to meet changing curriculum and learner needs.

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Read the full report Curriculum redesign in further education colleges: exploring current challenges and opportunities pdf


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