5 Tips To Motivate Learners

5 Tips To Motivate LearnersDue to the nature of the further education and skills sector learner motivation will always be a potential barrier to skills and employability training. Here are 5 tips to improve learner motivation, attendance and course progression:

clear line of sight 1. 'A Clear Line of Sight to Work'

Knowing that there could be a real job opportunity waiting at the end of a course can do a lot to keep learners motivated. Building strong relationships with local employers, recruitment agencies and tailoring coursesin response to real vacancies can provide learners with an a target and achievable goal or job outcome.

"A clear line of sight to work is critical because vocational learners must be able to see why they are learning what they are learning"

- Its about work: Excellent Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning

streamlined booking2. Streamline The Booking Process

For the unemployed it can often feel like you are just being passed from one person to the next, answering the same questions - yet nothing is actually being done to help career progression. Being able to book learner onto a course within the first interview will do a lot to reassure them that something is being done and empower them to want to complete the course.

"It is much more satisfying for both us and the learners to be able to book a course there and then and give them their IAP. Leaners have the dates; they know the room and exactly what they are booked on. It is a much better way for them to start rather than building an action plan only to send them away to wait fot us to be in touch."

- Lin Sheppard, JobSmart Tutor, Gloucestershire College

know your learners

3. Know Your Learners

With sometimes hundreds of learners coming through the doors, how can you ensure that someone does not get lost in the system? Having an easily accessible learner records, will enable administrators and tutors to quickly offer support and answer learners queries - reassuring learners of your commitment to them and that you know who they are.

additional support4. Offer Timely Support

Every college or provider deals with a widely diverse range of learners with different needs and circumstances. Sometimes there isn't enough time for a personal tutor to be truly 'personal'. With little time for one-on-one tutorials it helps to be able to highlight learners who require additional support and ensure that they are not left behind.

keep in touch5. Keep in Touch

Setting automated reminders via text or email can helped to improve attendance as well as learner motivation. A detailed view of the learner journey can ensure learner progression by enabling early identification those who have failed to attend.

Do you have any tips for keeping learners motivated? Let us know in the comments section below.

Macleod Associates Unity system (now Workpepper - Sept 2013)  has given training providers the ability to manage and track the learner journey, identify learners for additional support, swiftly adapt courses to meet local labour needs and streamline the booking process. Contact one of our team to find out more.

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