SFA To Pay Up To £900 Per Work Placement

funding work placements

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has announced funding rates from £500 to £900 for work placements within the Governments new traineeship programme.

“Young people in Britain deserve the chance to work and get on in life which is why we're introducing traineeships to help them get on the first rung of the ladder,” said Skills Minister Matthew Hancock.

“Employers value real experience which is why I am delighted that more than 100 businesses have come forward. I now want to urge more employers – no matter what size – to sign up to the programme and make the most of the talents of our young people.”

Colleges, training providers and subcontractors are eligible to claim funding for learners complying with existing funding eligibility rules where providers can show that there is reasonable chance of the young person being ready for employment, or an Apprenticeship within 6 months of starting their traineeships. Progression to a job or an apprenticeship will also result in a 20% achievement payment trigger.

To claim this funding colleges and training providers need to monitor the learner journey to prove they have met learning aims by recording a learning delivery monitoring code against all learning aims. Providers will need to evidence interventions including records of exit interviews and formal feedback as well as recording progression routes and outcomes.

For on this story and see slides from the SFA webinar on Traineeships on Feweek >

To find out how technology can be used to record the learner journey, track outcomes and for contract reporting contact Macleod Associates today or read about our Workpepper learner management software here.

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Funding Priorities for 2013/14

A recent letter from Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills details the 2013-14 budget and the Agencies priorities for the year.

"A key focus must be on supporting young adults, the low skilled and unemployed to acquire the skills needed for employment and progression, and i look to the Agency to continue to encourage the sector to use their funding flexibilities to deliver tailored, high-quality provision which meets employer needs; and to further incentivise providers on the basis of job outcomes."

The letter highlights the continued government focus on education that tackles local and community issues .Training providers are again encouraged to 'relate skills to labour market issues' and to deliver training that can achieve employment outcomes.

Read the full letter >

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A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills and the Need for Destination Tracking


Details of  changes to the way that adult training is funded and delivered published by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

The new streamlined funding system focuses on 4 guiding principles; fairness, transparency, protecting public funds and recognising the diverse needs of adults.

The Government has continued its focus on training that contributes true value to learners and the local community. As mentioned in our previous blog 'The Missing Link Between Education and Employment' training providers will be judged based on their ability to secure job outcomes, respond to the needs of the local area and help learners to overcome barriers to work.

Funding will follow the learner journey

destination trackingIn the new system funding will distributed over the learner journey from starting to achieving their learning aims. As 'funding will directly link to retention and achievement' destination tracking and the capability to report on job outcome will become increasingly important.

Changes will come into effect this August and the report urges providers and colleges to prepare.

"Any providers who have not already started analysing their current patterns of delivery in the light of the changes for the 2013/2014 funding year should urgently do so." 

Macleod Associates Unity (now Workpepper - Sept 2013) system is already being used by training providers to track and report on the learner journey. Contact us to find out how destination tracking can be used to monitor and evidence job outcomes.

Read the full update: A New Streamlined Funding System for Adult Skills pdf

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The Missing Link Between Education & Employment

As we prepare for the coming academic year the Skills Funding Agency and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills have commented on where the funding landscape is heading. There has been, and will continue to be a lot of talk about the importance of education which leads to employment outcomes...
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Infographic: Skills for Life Survey

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) has released its latest report examining adult English and Maths levels.

The report highlights that in some areas almost a quarter of adults have numeracy skills of entry level 3 or below- the national school curriculum equivalent for age 9-11.

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock commented:

"Good English and Maths are vital for getting a job and playing a full part in society. We have doubled the funding for adult English and Maths because they are so important…These essential skills are the building clocks of a productive society and a thriving economy. I am determined that everyone - no matter how they live - should have the chance to achieve their best."

See our infographic for an overview of the findings. view full infographic here


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