New Project: A System to Manage Job Seekers

We are excited to have commenced a project in collaboration with Gloucester College in developing a system to manage their job seekers.

Wiltshire College Acquires the Evolution of

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As one of the first actors in the UK Welfare to Work market Wiltshire College has acquired a bespoke installation of the new Unity platform

Macleod Associates Unity (now Workpepper - Sept 2013). Unity has all the features of the highly successful which got more that 20000 referrals from the Department for work and pensions while it was in service.

On top of the known career guidance platform, Unity now has a large array of tools to help organisations manage and track the job seekers they help.

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Wiltshire college no longer needs to manage heaps of excel sheets and documents in different locations. Unity consolidates everything into a simple and secure web application that multiple administrators and tutors can access at the same time. Everyone can share information about the job seekers: Who they are, what courses they are on, their action plans, their progress and much more.

We are proud to be able to make a noticeable difference in the Wiltshire colleges delivery of job seeker support and courses. 

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