Unemployment at 7.9%

Labour Market

Latest reports from the Office for National Standards (ONS) indicate that the level of unemployment in within the UK is fallen. The UK jobless rate (7.9%) is now lower than that of the EU (10.5%).

Despite these positive results there is still work to be done. The report shows an increase in long-term unemployment.  A large proportion of people find work in under 6 months of being unemployed but there are still around a third that are unemployed for over a year (up 13,000 from March to May 2012).

Full the full report visit the Office for National Standards

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Infographic: College Enrolment Survey 2012

The Association of Colleges (AoC) have released the results of their annual College Enrolment Survey. This survey looks at trends in 16-18 education and adult courses - offering an early picture of college enrolment figures.

We have put together an infographic for a quick snapshot of the results, view full size

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<a style="border: none;" title="College Enrolment Survey 2012" href="http://www.macleodassociates.com/blog/posts/2012/october/18/infographic-college-enrolment-survey-2012/"><img alt="College Enrolment Survey 2012 " src="http://macleodassociates.com/media/82880/college-enrolment-surveysml.jpg" /></a><br/>Infographic by <a title="Macleod Associates" href="http://www.macleodassociates.com">Macleod Associates</a>

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Fighting Fraud In the Work Programme

Last month saw the publication of the Public Accounts Committees report on fraud in Welfare to Work programmes. This report looks at ways to prevent and identify issues of fraud within the sector and how to define a standards for a 'fit and proper' organisation.
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Employed Adults Twice as Likely To Participate in Learning

According to recent surveys 44% of employed adults have undertaken learning compared with only 21% of those unemployed.
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Survey: Next Step Customer Satisfaction and Progression

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) have published the annual satisfaction and progression report. This report surveyed Next Step customers over September 2011 to March 2012 to examine the effectiveness of adviser sessions, profiling customer satisfaction, delivery and employment progression.
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