Survey Reveals High Levels Of Job Satisfaction.

Job satisfactionNew statistics on the UK workforce show that from pay to training we are more satisfied than we were 10 years ago.

“78.5% of employed people in the UK said they were more satisfied than dissatisfied with their jobs. But in 2005, just 70% of people said the same.

"Has the rise in unemployment meant that those with jobs are simply more grateful? What else do the numbers tell us about our work-life balance?” 

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Skills & Employability Review Issue 8


The latest issue of our Skills & Employability Review is out now.

In this issue: What do you need to know about new FE funding rules, guidance on skills for growth & our latest labour market infographic. Plus our favourite tweets this month by @debjani_ghosh, @Mr_Haines, @Bispressoffice, @FEWeek & @GuardianEdu.

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UK Employment Rate 71.6% - Labour Market Infographic

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show UK employment figures at 71.6%. There were 29.84 million people in employment for May – July, an increase of 80,000 from 275,000 on the previous year.

Out latest labour market infographic gives a snapshot of UK employment and unemployment statistics. (view full size)

labour market sept 2013 thumb

Our Previous Labour Market Infographics

July 2013 | June 2013 |  May 2013April 2013 | March 2013 | February 2013

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<a style="border: none;" title="UK LABOUR MARKET SEPT 2013" href=""><img alt="UK LABOUR MARKET SEPT 2013" src=""></a><br/>Infographic by <a title="Macleod Associates" href="">Macleod Associates</a>

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Workpepper Reduces The Admin Burden Of Skills & Employability Provision


How can colleges and training providers use flexible technology to track the learner journey and monitor outcomes?

We have worked for 3 years in conjunction with colleges and training providers to develop an agile software solution specifically for skills and employability training providers . The solution addresses the challenges of modern day provision and reporting.

Workpepper (the product) was built upon a platform originally developed for the DWP; this platform has now been customised in conjunction with colleges and training providers to address the need for a low cost and agile delivery management solution.

Research has evidenced that Government funded training poses many common delivery challenges, to mention a few:

  • Learner engagement,
  • Referral tracking,
  • Communication with referral agents, 
  • Reporting, 
  • Destination tracking, 
  • Data security and compliance.

With the increased Government focus on ‘outcome responsive curriculum’ funding will follow the learner journey, however recent a AoC survey 71% of colleges sited that tracking learner progress and outcomes was a key barrier.

FE Barriers To Success

Gloucestershire College (part of the Gazelle colleges group) was one of the colleges who worked in conjunction with Macleod Associates to ensure Workpepper delivers commented: “It has now proven an invaluable asset that has enabled scalability and reduced cost of delivery”- Angela de Gandy, Employability Manager.

Key benefits that Workpepper offers further education colleges include:

  • Track Interventions: the ability to track clients from referral to employment 
  • IAPImproved planning and monitoring of the IAP (individual Action Plan)
  • Room Utilisation & Allocation: Simplified course scheduling and resource allocation
  • Reporting: Accurate real-time forecasting and simplified contract reporting
  • Service Offered: Additional learner benefits and a better service offered by the college
  • Secure: Compliance and data security

For more information on how Gloucestershire College benefited from using workpepper and to find out how we took on the challenge of replacing their existing system with a scalable solution to cater for increasing numbers of learner referrals read our latest case study

Have you come across these common delivery challenges? Is your team struggling under the administrative burden? Contact us today to find out how Workpepper has helped other providers  to track the learner journey and monitor outcomes. Request a free trial here >

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The UK Digital Economy Will Need 750,000 Skilled Workers By 2017

New research by O2 claims that UK firms will need 750,000 skilled workers by 2017 to help power our expanding digital economy.

digital jobs

The onus cannot be on the Government alone. Businesses must proactively seek out opportunities to collaborate to maximise the digital growth opportunity and harness the potential of the next generation,” Ruari Dune, CEO Telefonica UK commented at Campus Party.
“As digital natives, young people possess valuable skills that will be the future fuel of our economy, but not enough is being done to harness them.

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